The Difference Between Chinese Food & Korean Food

The Difference Between Korean Food & Chinese Food - Asian Pantry Delivery

This is a popular question. 

There are quite a few articles circling around the web saying one thing or another so this article should help you understand the difference between Chinese Food & Korean Food by showing you some facts about the different cooking styles & cultures. 


First, we must keep in mind that regardless of the differences, the staple of the two countries is still rice. Rice paired with any dish can be filling, delicious & healthy! 

In Chinese Cooking, it is believed that there is the presence of the Yin & Yang elements. Different types of foods can be hot and cold, male or female, spicy or neutral and that is the contrasting tastes, experiences with traditional Chinese foods. They give off the effect of Yin & Yang.

The effect of Yin & Yang energies does not exist in Korean cooking. Korean-style foods include pickled vegetables, spicy side dishes & BBQ beef. Kimchi, a spicy fermented pickled vegetable mixture, is an extremely popular dish in the Korean food culture. A typical Korean meal includes soup, rice, and several side dishes.

Traditionally, noodles are eaten on birthdays in China as a sign of longevity. This tradition can be associated with the long length of noodles. In Korea, Kelp soup is eaten to celebrate people's birthdays.

The truth is Korean foods & Chinese foods can be very similar, a lot of the dishes are the same ingredients just prepared differently. The culture behind the dishes is what's most important.